How do you protect your mental health and emotional immune system?

This online course has been designed to help develop a new approach to managing stress, improving wellbeing and mental health. The course is currently FREE (with lifetime access). You are invited to share with family, friends and colleagues. We hope it helps you.

Roy delivering a session about wellbeing and resilience to a group of young European nuclear medicine scientists and clinicians.

What you will learn on this course

You can learn all these life-enhancing skills (and much more) to Be Stronger: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

  • You can have more energy.

  • You can be more confident and happier with healthier self-esteem.

  • You don’t have to be a slave to your emotions when you understand how to strengthen your emotional ‘core’.

  • There are practical techniques you can use to reduce stress.

  • You can be more productive whilst not feeling overwhelmed.

  • You can be better organised with improved clarity of thinking and focus.

  • Mental toughness is a learnable skill. Resilience can also be strengthened.

  • Unhelpful habits can be replaced with empowering ones.

Check out the introductory course video before you decide to enrol

Be Stronger is the result of non-scientific lectures at predominantly scientific and medical congresses throughout Europe.

Scientists are traditionally 'tough' markers. Yet this is the unedited feedback from 101 nuclear medicine scientists about personal wellbeing and resilience.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Be Stronger: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually
  • 2
    Without this one thing - you can't ever be stronger
    • Personal ENERGY! Understanding why you may not have enough.
    • Do you care more about the energy in your phone, than your personal energy?!
    • Practical ways to boost your personal energy naturally and sustainably.
  • 3
    Be Stronger - Mentally
    • What self-limiting beliefs are currently stopping you from being stronger?
    • Why you must never ignore stress
    • Mental Toughness - A Beginner's Guide!
    • A firm foundation: New habits to build strength in all areas of your life
    • Building Resilience
  • 4
    Be Stronger at Work
    • "The future belongs, only to those who have adequately prepared for it."
    • What stops us from being productive
    • Dozens of practical productivity tips you will want to apply today COMING SOON
  • 5
    Be Stronger - Financially
    • Financial strength building strategies (for non-financial people)
    • How money quietly flows in and OUT of your life.
    • How debt makes you financially weaker (and what you can do about it).
  • 6
    Be Stronger - Emotionally
    • Introducing 'Emotional Core Stability'
    • How to strengthen self-esteem COMING SOON
    • Develop an attitude that fosters inner strength
    • Why kindness (starting with yourself) will help you.
    • What we can learn from unhappy people COMING SOON
    • What happy people do to be stronger COMING SOON
  • 7
    Be Stronger - Physically
    • Be Stronger - Physically
  • 8
    Be Stronger - Spiritually
    • Why spirituality is not religion. COMING SOON

Pricing options

This course is free of charge. So please share with family, friends and colleagues. This help might be just what they need right now.

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Roy Sheppard, the Be Stronger instructor is a professional conference facilitator, Emcee, speaker and workshop trainer.
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