‘I have read all the books and attended the seminars but this course is absolutely fantastic. It cuts through to a deeper level of understanding of how to ask for and obtain high-quality introductions. The techniques are simple to understand and easy to deploy in your day-to-day business life. The first referral I have been given since attending this online course is the MD of a national company. I would recommend the course to newcomers and old timers alike. Everyone will benefit.’ Mark Woods, MD, Watermark Wealth Management

This is a professional course. For professionals and professional service firms.

Global licenses and sponsorship packages are available for international firms who may wish to offer this course to their dispersed teams and clients. Your colleagues can enrol on this learning platform or your own learning management system. .

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How much is just ONE new client worth to your business?

This course will show you how to attract a lot of new clients - at no cost.

Most professionals hate selling themselves. The great news is - you really don't need to when you adopt what you will learn in this course. You will learn how to get your delighted clients and fans to send high-paying clients to you.

For a moment, think of yourself as a ‘buyer’. You have a need. Perhaps a business problem that needs someone with expertise you don’t have. How do you choose experts?

Do you spend days or weeks researching your options or are you like most very busy people – you go to your network of trusted contacts and ask who they would recommend (and why). May be you’d talk to quite a few people for their advice. What if the name of the same expert kept coming up? You’d probably contact them, wouldn’t you? You’d even want them to turn out to be the person you hire. Why? Because you trust the judgement of the people who recommended them and you simply don’t have the time to find someone else who you don’t know or trust. This is how busy people buy in today's hyper-competitive world. Your business or firm needs to have a system that encourages the maximum number of high-quality referrals and then reassures those referrals that their search is over.

What if YOU were the person who was being recommended by trusted members of your network? You can be.

This online course “How to Attract More Quality Clients Discreetly - without Selling” shows you precisely how to become someone who others will choose to recommend and refer. And the best news is – referrals cost nothing (or next to nothing), and almost everyone who contacts you actually has a need for your services and wants you to be the person they engage. Because this course is online, you can study from a worldclass expert on the topic at whatever time of day or night works best for you, without ever having to leave your business to attend a classroom based course in another city or country. So if you’d like to learn how to increase the number and quality of referrals you receive from trusted members of your network and turn them into paying clients, enroll on this video-based online course today.

British MD Paul Naylon reflects on completing this course

This was the first time Paul had taken an online course. Here he shares his experiences and gives his verdict.

What proportion of your average week is devoted to business development?

The more senior you are, the higher it needs to be. (At least 50-60%). This course will help you decide where your focus will generate the best results. For younger, ambitious professionals: if you want to get noticed in your firm, this course will help you develop a reputation for being a 'rainmaker'. Think of it as career development. Why? Because it will.

What you will learn

  • A clear understanding of how to best position your firm to attract more high-quality referrals and recommendations

  • A 'system' for encouraging delighted clients to recommend you

  • Knowing what to ask for, what to say, when to say it and when NOT to say it!

  • How to create 'assets' that reinforce and reassure existing and future clients that you are worthy of being referred

  • And all in a low-key, high-effective and professional manner.

“Having attended Roy’s seminar a number of years ago, my mind was opened to a new way of doing things, a new way of building lasting relationships and attracting new clients. The changed behaviors have served me and our business well over the years with better quality relationships, new clients and improved revenues. Highly recommended!” Chris Kane, Litigation Partner (retired), Royds Withy King

Meet Roy Sheppard, the course instructor in the video below.

Are you a CEO, Managing Partner, Sales or Business Development Director?

Get in touch to discuss purchasing a company-wide license to make this available to all your partners and ambitious associates. This is especially useful if you have offices in different towns, cities and countries. Once your people become fans of this course, you might like to go to the next level, by offering the course for FREE to all your most valued clients - so they can grow their businesses alongside yours. There isn't a better way to add value to clients and demonstrate a commitment to their future success. To discuss further, email: Info@PeoplePortfolio.com

  • Cannot recommend highly enough

    Mark Nicholls

    Real confidence booster and now I have the goal of implementing my action plan.

    Real confidence booster and now I have the goal of implementing my action plan.

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What do your customers say about your business?

For the live version of this course, ours say this:

  • Client Testimonial

    “...a very beneficial course. It was time well spent and excellent value for money...I believe this is a course from which our commercial sales force (relationship managers and product providers) would gain great benefit....The system of generating business, based on actively seeking referrals from existing clients, is easily understood and readily applicable in the marketplace.” Trevor Colbourne, Area Commercial Manager, HSBC Bank

  • Client testimonial

    “The course was excellent, I loved it. By the afternoon session my head was clearer and I was getting carried away with my own ideas. I found the course incredibly stimulating and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to attend. I have to say a big THANK YOU, and I’m looking forward to using some of the ideas, both of Roy’s and my own.” Mark Pickering, Director, Sector Treasury Group. (part of Capita plc)

  • Client Testimonial

    “I have attended a large number of presentations on a wide range of management topics, but never in all that time have I been present at an event which produced such a positive and enthusiastic reaction from the audience.... yours sets a new standard...”  Ron Hardcastle, Institute of Management

  • Client testimonial

    “We are a small company and we have never had the resource to dedicate towards a concerted marketing campaign. Roy Sheppard’s talk opened my eyes to ways we could market ourselves, without pots of cash.” John O’Sullivan, XOTL

  • Client Testimonial

    “Applied the theory to my first contact the next day. The following morning received a job opening from a company as a direct result of the referral. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I am sure this will help me grow the business successfully and less painfully.” Sandy Still, Manager, Interpersonnel UK

  • Client Testimonial

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar which kept me totally focused throughout the day. Basically, it drew my attention to the obvious opportunities which we were not taking. Already we have paid for the course fee many times over.” Richard Thompson, Group Business Development Director, Momenta Resource

  • Client Testimonial

    “I found the course helpful, motivating and stimulating, with a good balance of theory and practice. ... Attending the course has enabled me to develop a strategy for referrals that I can use on a day to day basis. Many thanks for an entertaining and profitable day. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anybody. It is a ‘must’ for small business owners and directors.” Fiona Jack, Managing Director, Green Light International

  • Client Testimonial

    “To keep such an international group of executive search professionals interested and motivated throughout the day takes some doing. We are, by nature and through what we do as a profession, a fairly cynical bunch of people who have heard it all before. To bring new ideas and maintain their interest over such an extended period is a mark of your professionalism in terms of knowing your business, thorough preparation and sensitivity to different situations. Well done.” James Douglas, Director, EMA Partners UK

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Chapter #2 : Download this Inspiring Podcast
    • Download and listen to this audio podcast containing dozens of random referral generating ideas
    • What were the least and most useful ideas from this podcast?
    • Download the audio transcript
  • 3
    Chapter #3 - Going back to basics BEFORE you actively apply what's in this course
  • 4
    Chapter #4 - A NEW and FRESH approach to client testimonials
    • Introduction to this fresh approach to testimonials
    • Testimonials - the difference between the good and the bad
    • What happened when Aardman Animation agreed to a video testimonial
    • Step-by-step guide to a strategic testimonial gathering system
    • How (and why you need) to ask for specific testimonials
    • A brief summary on using testimonials
  • 5
    Chapter #5 - Referrals Offering and Asking
    • This pdf contains each of the scripts for this "Referrals Conversations" module of the course. And has been included to help you follow the steps more closely.
    • How and why its so important to develop the habit of OFFERING more quality referrals. FREE PREVIEW
    • Referral Conversations - Introduction
    • Develop a precise client profile
    • Your first referral related conversations
    • Planting referral seeds
    • When to ask for referrals
    • How to ask for referrals
    • How to contact the referral
    • Before you contact the referral
    • After your initial contact
    • After the sale
    • What further questions do you have about the referral process?
  • 6
    Chapter #6 - How to raise your profile in sophisticated ways to increase the referral flow
    • Why giving talks is worthy of consideration - even if you're an introvert
  • 7
    Chapter #7 - Using technology to create referral enhancing assets
  • 8
    Chapter #8 Harnessing the enormous power of LinkedIn to generate referrals
    • Greg Cooper sharing his deep and extensive knowledge about using LinkedIn to generate referrals.s
    • Greg Cooper answers submitted questions about LinkedIn
    • What further questions do you have about using LinkedIn to generate more referrals?
  • 9
  • 10
    Chapter #10. Some final words and next steps
    • Before you go...
    • Some final thoughts
    • Some final words from Roy

Just one new client would pay for this course many times over.

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